Covid-19 Safe Clinic

Dear Patients,

We are all in unusual times and to ensure the clinic is open and we are able to offer treatments, we need to keep the clinic environment safe and be extra responsible for one another. Please have a look at what we’ve done on our part and what I encourage you to do.

July 2021: Note on current ‘re-opening’ phase.


I understand we are all eager to return to casual way of being. However, I’m in favour to err on the side of caution. Here at Alba, we’ve done our best to look after the space, our patients and ourselves, and we’ve had no problems since re-opening after the first lockdown. All our patients were very responsible too. Myself, I haven’t even had any cold symptoms for over a year. This might be a sign that whatever we’ve been doing, has worked for the benefit of all – and we’d like this to continue.


  • Please wear a mask on entering the clinic.
  • Please cancel/reschedule your appointment if you develop any cold/flu symptoms.

Important information on attending your appointment.

The clinic has been assessed for any potential risk and all therapists are aware of the new procedures. The reception area is closed and this means we cannot offer tea or water. Instead, there is a hand sanitisating station, and I’ll ask you to wash you hands before coming in. All corridor doors are permanently open to minimise need to touch surfaces. There is an increased cleaning regime which includes frequent mopping, wiping handles and surfaces. Clinic schedule has been adjusted to minimise contact with other therapists and patients. I always leave 30 minutes between sessions to ensure time to air and clean the room.


Furthermore, I keep screening myself with lateral flow tests on a weekly basis.

If its your first tuina appointment, I’ll talk to you to confirm the treatment is appropriate for you.

advance booking

walk-in appointments

Tier system update

The clinic is currently OPEN

in line with current regulatons.

You’re welcome to book your appointment!

Before arrival

1. Please ask yourself these questions
  • Does anyone in your household have Covid-19?
  • Does anyone in your household have new cough?
  • Does anyone in your household have high temperature?
  • Does anyone in our household have a loss or change of smell or taste?


If you have answered yes to any of these questions, please call/text me to cancel your appointment, and stay at home until you and your household are well.

2. What to bring
  • comfortable simple clothes with a few fastenings as possible
  • water or drink
3. What to be aware of
  • please don’t ware any makeup/mascara.

On entering the clinic

Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes ahead of your appointment.

The reception are is closed so it’s not possible to wait. If you arrive late I won’t be able to extend your session because of the time needed to air and clean the room between sessions.

Please wear a mask.

Unless you are exempt, it is still required to wear masks in close contact environment at all times.

Hand hygiene

Please use the hand gel provided to wipe your hands on arrival.

Please carry your water or drink with you.

The reception area is closed and we cannot offer drinks for hygiene reasons.

Treatment room

The treatment room has been adjusted: all surfaces are easy to wipe-clean, the treatment table has PVC covers, there is a sanitising station as well as a hot water tap with soap.

To help with air exchange there is an air extractor which is on in between treatments. Additionally, the room has been equipped with a new UV-C air purifier to help eliminate any airborne germs, viruses and bacteria.

I will be wearing PPE throughout the whole time. This includes clean uniform, plastic apron, and face mask.

Because tuina treatments are usually done fully clothed and through a sheet, the transmission is naturally limited. The tuina sheet used will be fresh and washed after each treatment. Skin contact only if justified by the treatment protocol.

Please wear comfortable, loose,  treatment-ready clothes.

Card/contactless payments are accepted.

After the treatment you will be asked to sanitise your hands.


If you develop any cold/flu/covid symptoms within 14 days after your appointment, please notify me about this.

Last update: 20th Aug 2021

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