Price list

  • typical treatment market price

    one hour session


I believe that the treatment itslef is not a commodity and as such cannot have a price tag. However, the process and set up of being able to offer tuina involves substantial financial effort. Therefore, I perceive accepting money in exchange of the treatment as a form of supporting my path, development, and studying.

  • standard rate

  • £45per hour
    • walk-in treatments offered
    • available for all therapies
    • concessions and offers available

  • community clinic

  • £28per session
    • affordable rate
    • advance booking required
    • subject to availability

  • pop up clinic

  • £45+per hour
    • tuina on the go
    • events, offices, festivals
    • negotiable rates and times

Better value with pre-paid packages:

Available at the clinic.

5 treatments per package

Community Clinic Package
works out at £25 per session
Standard Package
works out at £34 per session

Valid one year (excluding lockdown periods)


Transferable - share with anyone you like

Cancellation Policy
  • 0%

    more than 24hrs

    it's free to cancel if it's more than 1 day before the appointment

  • 50%

    within 24hrs

    half price of the treatment if you cancel within 1 day of the appointment

  • 100%

    no shows

    Please cover the full price if you don't turn up without notice.

*no fees for any COVID-related late cancellations

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