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  • Peter - Piotr Radowicz

    Acupuncture Society Member

Welcome to the only clinic in Edinburgh dedicated to TUINA manual therapy. Since 2014 I have treated people from all age group and all walks of life. From athletes to performers, from veterans to artists. A human body and mind is what we all have in common!
Having experienced the effects of TUINA, I couldn’t resist the call to recognise it as my path. I am fortunate to have encountered exceptional teachers, who continue to motivate my further study, which in case of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is a life-long journey.
I try to popularise TUINA and establish it firmly in the mainstream consciousness. Therefore, I’m open to wide collaboration and projects.




visceral function

structural alignment

mind at ease

Deeply rooted in the Traditional Chinese Medicine this massage tradition treats a wide array of conditions and is easily adapted into every day contexts of our modern world. In China hospitals usually have a Tuina department. There are aspects of TUINA common with Swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, shiatsu, bone setting, reiki.

A monthly general tuina session is perfect for restoring the balance, preventing diseases and stagnation, and makes you feel at home in your body!

Some of the conditions treated:


musculoskeletal problems (eg. frozen shoulder, neck pains, lower back pains, sciatica, stiff hips, sports injuries) • curculatory and respiratory problems.


[fire, vacuum, slide]

Simple principle with an array of applications

Creating vacuum causes suction of skin and underlying tissues into the cup. This has an opposite effect to a massage – instead of applying pressure it lifts tissues. In doing so pores open up, blood and fluid circulation is significantly promoted, muscle tensions released. Cupping may be stack or sliding. Stack is similar to acupuncture and usually leaves marks while sliding may be described as a pleasant cupping massage.

Cupping is often used to treat:

musco-skeletal conditions  respiratory conditions • gastrointestinal disorders • swellings • pain


[traditional heat therapy]

Traditional moxa (short for moxibution) involves burning dried mugwort over a specific point or area of the body thus warming it up. This can be done indirectly using a cigar or directly  by placing a mugwort cone on the skin.

Moxa is pleasant and does not leave scars nor cause pain. To avoid smoke, smokeless variants are possible. In a clinical setting, heat lamps are also widely used.

Heating with moxa has a tonifying effect on the body, strengthens immune system, promotes circulation, alleviates pain.

often used for:

cold and damp comditions arthritis  respiratory problems  digestive disorders  relaxation  muscle spasms  acute pain from sprains, tendonitis, strains

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