Festival Community Clinic

Effective holisitc therapies to heal and revitalise.

  • TuiNa deep tissue massage

  • abdominal acupuncture

  • cupping therapy

what is

so good about

tui na?

Tui Na is the manual therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is widely used along acupuncture, cupping and herbs in Chinese hospitals. It is a deep tissue massage similar to sports massage, shiatsu and thai therapy.


It uses unique rhythmic techniques that mobilise and release muscles in a therapeutic way. Most people find it incredibly relaxing.


Tui Na is often recommended to help with musculo-skeletal injuries, pains and conditions such as lower back pains, sciatica, neck stiffness, stress and anxiety. Regular Tui Na improves immunity and is good for general well-being.

Peter Radowicz


prices & booking

  • community clinic

  • standard price

  • TuiNa pass

    5 anytime treatments

  • community pass

    5 community clinic treatments

clinic location

Right in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town:

Alba Therapy Clinic

8 Lauriston St, EH3 9DJ

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